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Special Intervention Programme (SIP) X1 On Digital Revolution

The concerns about the prevalence and the rapid permeation of information and digital technology into every human endeavor, and also the size of Nigeria as Africa’s largest and most vibrant economy, and the speed of digitization and innovation including the expansion of mobile access and proactive policy initiatives of the apex bank, hence, to accelerate the needs for user protection and knowledge of best practice has become imperative.

In line with the scope of the program. UNESCO  REF is working closely through category 2.9 of the TAP Project with relevant stakeholders across the globe for a joint training of youths in the digital space. Over 120, 000 young Nigerians annually across board would benefit from the SIP-X1.
The course aims to build capacity among the youths so they can be better equipped to navigate the opportunities as well as manage the risk in the digital space. This is crucial for the responsible adoption of the digital revolution and stakeholders need to begin early on to build capacity to deal with these rapidly evolving technologies. The Digital Technology Capacity Building (DTCB) program, a component of the TAP Project, is a valuable resource in the process of training beneficiaries accordingly.