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Our collaboration projects between the public sector, industry and academia bring a real impact for the our health and lab firms.

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The Read & Earn Federation Programme

Below are select featured programme of the UNESCO Read and Earn Federation.

TAP Professional Capacity Building Programme

A Personal Reinvention & Transformational Professional Short Course






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As one of the world’s largest producers of crude oil and with an abundance of gas and mineral resources, Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy with GDP of $3.76 BN. The International Monetary Fund predicts that Nigeria could become the ninth largest economy in the world by 2050 if it mobilizes its 200 million populations into a nation of entrepreneurs and consumers. But Nigeria’s population advantage is also its downfall as it struggles to overcome rising unemployment, unstable power supply, poor education and poverty.


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Read & Earn Federation Mandate

Below are a select featured programme of the UNESCO Read and Earn Federation.

Our Vision, Mission & Mandate

To contribute towards the quick attainment of the United Nations global goals by strategic mobilization, sensitization and awareness campaign for technical engagement  across all sectors.

To work in cooperation with relevant Government entities, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and private sector stakeholders who share our priorities to maximize the efficacy of state and non-state efforts toward the actualization of the United Nations global goals, particularly, within the educational, economic growth and partnership sectors.

To inspire Inter-generational connectivity and cooperation for a sustainable, peaceful and developed society.