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Know More About Our Networks


Below you’ll find brief on our various Networks. Feel free to explore our resources and how to link up with the UNESCO REF Team. We are constantly updating this page just to bring our guests up to date with all that we are working on.

These are UNESCO REF field officers who oversee the day-to-day activities of TAP Desk Officers (TDO) in their various states.

UNESCO REF MEDIA (URM) Is a key network of the UNESCO REF with five (5) critical functions Information, Interpretation, Instructive, Bonding and Diversion. The network sends and shares information. Since information is knowledge and knowledge is regarded as power, URM network offers authentic and timely facts and opinions about various events and situations to our targeted audiences as informative items about our institute.

The New Partnership for Development on Education and Youths (NEPAD_EY). It is a UNESCO REF flagship network created to galvanize stakeholders across various works of life globally towards fostering a quick critical development of the educational sector and youth’s development in our society.

TAP AMBASSADORS – Are those who help to promote the UNESCO REF TAP PROJECT SDG’s Mission. Their purpose is to develop an efficient image by interacting with beneficiaries, learners and prospective learners. These individuals understand every aspect of the mission vision statement, mission, functions, implementation of the TAP.

Friends of UNESCO (REF) – Individuals or organizations who have shown commitment in their various capacities to support UNESCO REF towards actualization and promotion of the UN/UNESCO mandates.

Tap Centres are UNESCO REF accredited centers for delivery of TAP bespoke products in various communities. These centres are set up for the monitoring, supervision and delivery of TAP products .

TAP Linkers are trained to connect with relevant stakeholders. This connection is for the purpose of the continued growth of the TAP project. Stakeholders play a key role in the progression of the project hence the importance of a sustainable connection to achieve the set goals of the project.

Focuses on enhancing UNESCO visibility and UN mandates among Nigerian students and to enhancing their writing and reading skills.

The network is also divided into five groups Heaths, Business, Culture, Science and Game. 3. The network also is working with our international partners from Canada among others on climate action for United Nations COP 23 conference on climate change to raise awareness within the nation of the work of Decarbonizing and Decolonizing.

Is a strategic network used to actualizing the “REF 17 campaign” goals In Nigeria.

Established to complement other relevant partners, with emphasis on skills development for empowerment and wealth creation among the Nigerian youth.

The TDOs are trained individuals to serve to galvanize the process of the TAP project in communities.