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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the UNESCO REF. We are constantly adding the most frequently asked questions to this page.

Is an acronym for The AUGUST PROJECT, an initiative of the Read and Earn Federation for UNESCO – (UNESCO REF). Launched both in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the United Kingdom respectively.

It’s called the August Project because the programme focuses more on youths development and was named after the month August because the United Nations International day for youths is August. Day 12 to be precise.

It’s tailored toward building the capacity of youths with HEI and non – HEI qualifications for personal reinvention and transformation and to foster their continuous personal development (CPD) for industry 4.0 revolution.

TAP Professional Capacity Building Professional Short Course.


  1. Intellectual Capacity Building – ICB – Elective Course
  2. Leadership Capacity Building – LCB  – Compulsory Course
  3. Economic Capacity Building – ECB – Compulsory Course
  4. Digital Technology Capacity Building – DTCB – Compulsory Course

Through online UNESCO REF choice of Learning Management System (LMS)

Everyone is qualified but under different categories. Contact the project secretariat to verify your category. [email protected]

  • Dual globally recognized professional membership from the United Kingdom Association Of Business Executives (ABE) full membership and the institute of leadership and management.
  • Eligible for the United States of America Global Learning Exchange Master’s Support Scheme for TAP beneficiaries.
  • Opportunity for a global exposure and networking.

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