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Monthly Archives: January 2023

Special Intervention Programme (SIP) X1 On Digital Revolution

The concerns about the prevalence and the rapid permeation of information and digital technology into every human endeavor, and also the size of Nigeria as Africa’s largest and most vibrant economy, and the speed of digitization and innovation including the expansion of mobile access and proactive policy initiatives of the apex bank, hence, to accelerate the needs for user protection and knowledge of best practice has become imperative.

Over 60,000 Youth to benefit from UNESCO REF’s (SIP) X2 Partnership

In an effort to bridge the gap in AI awareness and skills among the youth, UNESCO REF has partnered with leading experts to launch a new program, the Digital Technology Capacity Building (DTCB) – Special Intervention Program (SIP) X2. This groundbreaking initiative aims to bring over 60,000 young people into the AI limelight and provide them with the necessary support to build their capacity in this rapidly growing field.